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Restaurants and fast-food chains aren’t the only entities with drive-thrus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Broward County announced walk-up and drive-thru library services for anyone interested in checking out books, DVDs, and other materials.

Your first library card. Finding your favorite book in the young adult section. The free museum passes. 

Whatever the reason, WLRN would like to hear why you go to the library and about one of the best moments you've ever had at a public library.

For Miami-Dade County library assistant Juan Espinosa, it was during the 90s. He was going through a rough time. 

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Young people are exposed to a lot of media each day. The News Literacy Project aims to help them sort through it all. 

The program is available internationally through a virtual classroom curriculum. It's coming to the Miami-Dade Public Library system this summer--thanks in part to a grant from the Knight Foundation.

"It’s really giving young people the tools to determine what to trust, what to share, what to act on as students and as citizens," says News Literacy Project President and CEO Alan Miller.


HistoryMiami and Miami-Dade’s Main Library will close over the weekend  (June 18-19)  due to an electrical project taking place in downtown Miami.

Library spokeswoman Leila Khalil  said the electrical work requires  the electricity at the main branch  at 101 W. Flagler St  to be shut off.  The main library shares a complex with HistoryMiami,  which will also be affected.

During the main library's closure, the others branches in the library system will not have access to the internet.

Arts Programs At Miami-Dade Public Library System

Aug 2, 2015
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Books have always been an integral part of any library.  Now, the Miami-Dade Public Library System offers arts programs and services for every age group and every interest.  

For this Sunday's Breakfast with the Arts, Caroline Breder-Watts talks with Jack Varela of MDPLS about the varied programs offered by libraries.

Listen below:

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By setting a few soliloquies from Hamlet to a beat, Oscar Fuentes - also know as the Biscayne Poet - showed that the poetry in rap songs is not all that different from Shakespeare.

It was part of the Hip Hop Shakespeare workshop at the Arcola Lakes branch library in Liberty City. 

“Shakespeare has always been like a highbrow of literature and the language,” Fuentes says, “and today you have amazing writers, amazing hip-hop writers that are not given the credit they deserve as intellectuals.”

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  Libraries are no longer just about the books. On Monday afternoon, that was the main point at a Knight Foundation-sponsored discussion about the future of libraries.

Libraries are exploratory labs for potential startups, spaces for interactive education and in some states, home to community gardens. These were among some of the examples at a luncheon in downtown Miami on how libraries across the nation are looking toward the future.

Some Libraries In Miami-Dade May Open Every Day

Aug 20, 2014
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Several of the biggest libraries in Miami-Dade may stay open seven days a week in October.

The interim director of the libraries has released a tentative library schedule based on what county budget commissioners tentatively passed in June. It gives the libraries almost 53 million, more than last year.

The extra money will allow the five largest branches to add Sunday service, meaning they’ll be open every day of the week.

How Will Libraries Fare In Gimenez's Budget?

Jul 8, 2014
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Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez is slated to reveal his proposal for next year’s budget tomorrow and lots of eyes are on how much he will allocate for county libraries.

John Quick, president of Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Libraries, has fought cuts in library hours and personnel as the county is forced to dip into reserves to keep them afloat.


For Quick, $64 million is the magic number.


Miami-Dade Library Funding Is In Jeopardy

Jun 25, 2014
Patrick Farrell / Miami Herald

Last summer, the budget for Miami-Dade County libraries was in jeopardy until the county commission decided at last minute to tap into a reserve fund.

This year, funding for the libraries is in danger again. 

Library operations supervisor Sue Cvejanovich and Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library president John Quick appeared on WLRN's Topical Currents on Tuesday.

Students in Palm Beach County now have the opportunity to pay off library fines in a rather constructive way: They can read their way out of it.

Children up to age 17 can now redeem one “Dewey dollar” for every 15 minutes they read in their local public library. They can read books, magazines, newspapers, or even on electronic devices.  As long as the reading takes place in a Palm Beach County library, students are eligible.