Palm Beach County

Joe Cavaretta / South Florida Sun Sentinel

South Florida consumers used to be able to buy fresh tomatoes and bell peppers at Publix that were grown at Whitworth Farms in Boynton Beach. But last year, the third-generation farming family was forced to lease its land because it was no longer profitable to farm it.

Madeline Fox / WLRN

Madeline Fox / WLRN

The architecturally curious have just a few more weeks to see an exhibit chronicling the life and legacy of the man credited with creating the “Palm Beach style” – the stucco, red-roofed Spanish Colonial Revival architecture now prominent along the Florida coast.

Lion County Safari

Two giraffes at Lion Country Safari were struck by lightning and died six weeks ago, officials at the Loxahatchee nature park confirmed Tuesday.

Officials received pathology reports saying that Lily, a 10-year-old female, and Jioni, a 1-year-old male, died instantaneously after being struck on the evening of May 3, said Haley Passeser, a spokeswoman for Lion County Safari, The Palm Beach Post reports.

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Hurricane season has started, and only about a third of Palm Beach County’s 55 nursing homes have a permanent generator in place to keep residents cool in case the power fails. Only about two-thirds of the county’s 185 assisted living facilities do.

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At one Renaissance campus more than a third of teachers had no state certification, The Palm Beach Post found.

Renaissance Charter Schools grew into Palm Beach County’s largest charter school chain with seven years of promises about cutting-edge classrooms and innovative teaching.

But as the schools market themselves to parents with personalized lessons and extended school days, their classrooms are staffed with an extraordinary number of temporary and uncertified teachers, a Palm Beach Post investigation found.

BONNIE GROSS via Miami Herald

The town of Jupiter is banning fertilizer use during the rainy season to keep nitrogen and phosphorus out of local bodies of water.

Starting this Saturday, residents and commercial property owners won’t be able to use commonly available fertilizers until October.

The ban passed last November, and is being put into effect for the first time on June 1. It applies to residential properties and some commercial areas. Farms, golf courses and other specialty turf fields, like athletic fields, are exempt.

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Post-traumatic stress throws up roadblocks for people trying to go about their days normally.

Enjoyable pastimes for others, like Fourth of July fireworks, could trigger a fight-or-flight response from a veteran for whom the popping sounds or sulfur smell bring up combat memories.

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People who live around the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse don’t want to see it slip away – literally or figuratively.

The 120 acres surrounding the towering red landmark have been under the stewardship of the federal Bureau of Land Management, in conjunction with local groups and jurisdictions, since 2008. The BLM’s work on the site – fighting back nonnative weeds, laying out trails, shoring up shoreline – has been dictated by the same 10-year-plan since 2010.

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Broward County Mayor Mark Bogen was right to get worked up last week. He blasted the Trump Administration when it seemed poised to release thousands of migrants detained at the U.S.’s southern border into Broward and Palm Beach Counties each year. (The administration, which never confirmed the reports, has since backed off.)

But in his outrage, Bogen made a rather bogus assertion: “We are not a border state.”

Eric Gay / AP

Before the end of the month, the federal government plans to send hundreds of migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border plans to Broward and Palm Beach counties, according to South Florida leaders.

Officials in both counties say they are concerned the Trump administration’s plan puts a burden on their already strapped resources. Broward and Palm Beach  are preparing to receive up to 135 migrants twice a week in each county, beginning in two weeks.

DeSantis Says Migrant Flux Is 'Something We Don't Want'

May 17, 2019
Scott Keeler / Associated Press

A day after local officials said the federal government plans to send about 1,000 migrants a month to two South Florida counties, Gov. Ron DeSantis bemoaned the move, arguing that under his leadership the state has been “very cooperative” with federal immigration authorities.

Peter Haden / WLRN

Authorities in Broward and Palm Beach counties are rejecting a new plan by Border Patrol that would deliver around 1,000 migrants every month to South Florida, arguing that it would burden the already overstretched resources of the counties and could put communities in danger.

Patricio Espinoza / Associated Press / WLRN

The Trump administration is preparing to move migrants from overcrowded camps along the U.S. border to Broward and Palm Beach counties, local officials said Thursday.