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Two more Broward voters realized Tuesday that their absentee ballots lacked the medical marijuana question, according to the Miami Herald.

This came just hours after a Broward County judge said she would rule quickly on a case involving ballots missing Amendment 2.

Two Oakland Park voters received ballots last week that did not have the question pertaining to Amendment 2, which would legalize marijuana statewide for medical use. The Broward Supervisor of Elections said they were “test-ballots” sent out accidentally.

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“Everything went well,” Jesse Scott said with relief as he walked out of his interview at CareerSource Capital Region, an employment and training center in Tallahassee.

“There's a lot of people that live on [the] edge. Many Floridians do base their livelihood on making a 40-hour work week each week,” Scott said. “If something interrupts that, you can fall between the cracks.”

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Bad weather and snafus dampened the mood of many supporters at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s rally in Coral Springs on Friday.

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Fresh off his first debate with Hillary Clinton last night, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump came straight to Miami today to meet with Latino voters – and found he still struggles to engage a voter bloc he’ll need more of if he wants to win the battleground state of Florida.

Governor Scott Pumps More Money To Fight Zika

Sep 23, 2016

More money is coming to fight Zika.

On Thursday Governor Rick Scott announced that he would allocate $25 million dollars in state funds to help fight the mosquito-borne virus. This is in addition to the $36 million he has already allocated for combating the virus, which can cause severe birth defects.

The governor says the state must focus on finding a vaccine to protect pregnant women and their developing babies. Thus the latest funding from Scott is slated to go toward research into finding a vaccine and a more cost-effective way to test for the disease.

Tallahassee Democrat

More than 300 McDonald’s Egg McMuffins and Publix muffins were dropped off at Gov. Rick Scott’s office Thursday morning to protest the omission of Independent Party of Florida presidential candidate Evan McMullin from the 2016 general election ballot in the state.

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With just a few days left before ballots for November’s election have to be finalized and printed, an initiative to curb the influence of wealthy donors on local politics is still tied up in court, and staff at the Board of Elections are bracing for work around the clock.


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After policy makers in Washington D.C. this week once again couldn’t agree on a bill to fund the fight against Zika, Republican Senator Marco Rubio on Friday criticized both parties for politicizing the issue.

Speaking to reporters in Doral, he expressed his frustration about the ongoing battle on the hill. "My own party has taken far too long to take this issue seriously. We should have dealt with it in March, when we first raised it."

Miami Herald

This week in Decision Florida, Scott Arceneaux, senior advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign in Florida, and Susie Wiles, co-chair of Donald Trump Florida, discuss the approaches of both candidates to win the hearts and minds of voters in the swing state.

Here are some of the  highlights of the conversation: 

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As Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager it’s Robby Mook’s job to hatch a strategy how she can win over voters in Florida, arguably the most important battleground state in the 2016 presidential election. He also has to tackle allegations that Clinton is corrupt and not trustworthy.  

In an interview with WLRN in Clinton’s Broward campaign headquarter in Fort Lauderdale, Robby Mook talks about the challenges of this emotional, polarized campaign. He lays out Clinton’s policy plans on immigration, job creation and on Cuba – and he blasts Donald Trump.

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On Wednesday morning,  Gate Number 10 at Fort Lauderdale’s Airport was buzzing with reporters and airport and airline-officials. They all wanted to give the first scheduled passenger jet service from the United State to Cuba in  more than 50 years a proper send-off: JetBlue-flight 387 was scheduled to leave for Santa Clara, 175 miles east of Havana, at 9:45 am.

Shying away from the spotlight while officials gave speeches was one of the pilots. First Officer Francisco Barreras is 54 years old. His parents came from Cuba in 1961.

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Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine campaigned in South Florida on the weekend. It was Kaine’s first trip to Florida since he first appeared as Vice President Candidate in Miami at the end of June.

On Saturday morning he spoke to local mayors and elected officials in Pembroke Pines. The event was not open to the public.

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GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is being criticized for recent comments on immigration. Some news outlets have claimed he's flip flopped on his original hard stance on the topic. On CNN, he said there was no road to amnesty, contradicting comments made earlier in the week where he spoke about being open to the idea. 

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Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson  continued campaigning in South Florida Thursday. Trying to win over Cuban-American voters, he made the traditional campaign trail stop at Little Havana’s Versailles restaurant.

Standing at the coffee counter, he got very excited over the Cuban coffee he was served. "Oh my goodness, uh, this is great, oh man", he shouted out. Then he talked about his Cuba policy.


Donald Trump was in South Florida again yesterday night. The Republican presidential nominee held a rally at the BB&T Center in Broward County where he focused on immigration, the economy, and national security. Trump criticized Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and made accusations about the President’s connections to terrorism.

“ISIS is honoring President Obama,” he said. “He is the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder of ISIS ok?”