South Florida

Ramon Espinosa / AP via Miami Herald

Last week, we asked if the U.S. should loosen economic sanctions against countries during grave crises like the new coronavirus. We considered Venezuela; this week we look at Cuba — and U.S. sanctions against its communist regime.

NASA Earth Observatory

With workers and businesses around the planet suddenly shut down, scientists are getting an unexpected glimpse at a world with less carbon.

Ariana Cubillos / AP

Thursday morning the Trump Administration charged the President of Venezuela and top regime officials with corruption and narco-terrorism against the U.S. And a large part of the federal indictments were focused on South Florida.


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Patrick Farrell / Miami Herald File

To help stop transmission of the coronavirus, many federal immigration facilities have closed as of Tuesday night. But many are staying open in South Florida.

Showering Love

It looks like a tour bus in the middle of a gated parking lot in downtown Miami. 

It’s Sunday morning and a line is starting to form. Seven people so far. 

The bus was converted to house two two-shower stalls inside — one is accessible for people in wheelchairs.


Early Friday the Florida Department of Health confirmed another case of COVID-19 in Miami-Dade County.

The announcement came just hours after health officials confirmed 15 additional cases. It brings to 51 the total number of COVID 19 cases in Florida.

While young people haven’t been significantly known to have symptoms of the disease, up to five people in their 20s in the state have contracted it — including two people ages 25 and 29 in Broward. Another person in Broward is a 20-year-old from out of state.

Presidencia de Honduras


While visiting Honduras this year, acting U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf called President Juan Orlando Hernández “a valued and proven partner” for “promoting security” in Central America.

So forgive me if I looked a tad confused this week when U.S. prosecutors in New York alleged that seven years ago a Honduran drug kingpin bribed Hernández, then a presidential candidate, to protect his cocaine business if Hernández were elected.

Matt Rourke / AP

Democratic presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders has upset Cubans in South Florida with his recent remarks praising Fidel Castro. But it’s not just conservative Cuban Americans who are dismayed by Sanders’ rhetoric.

Study: Tweets About Flooded Miami Streets Come Before The Actual Floods

Feb 4, 2020
PEDRO PORTAL / Miami Herald

When water levels start to rise in Miami, pictures and videos quickly pop up on social media of cars fording deep puddles, and tourists trying to keep their luggage dry.

Wilfredo Lee / AP via Miami Herald

The Trump Administration’s year-long efforts to dislodge authoritarian regimes in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba have so far failed. That’s raised frustrations among South Florida’s exiles. And Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Miami on Thursday to address their anxieties.

Miami Trumpeter Brian Lynch Up For Two Grammys

Jan 16, 2020
Tomoji Hirakata / Artburst

South Florida has a hometown hero to root for when the Grammys are awarded on Jan 26. The latest work by trumpeter, composer and educator Brian Lynch - “The Omni-American Book Club: My Journey Through Literature in Music” - has received a couple of nominations. 

The big band project is under consideration for “Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album,” and one of the nine songs written for it by Lynch, “Crucible for Crisis,” is a contender for “Best Instrumental Composition.”

Florida Prepaid College Prices Drop; Thousands To Get Rebates

Jan 14, 2020
Joe Burbank / Orlando Sentinel

The Florida Prepaid College Board has lowered plan prices by $1.3 billion, benefiting 224,000 families and resulting in refunds of more than $500 million.

The price reductions apply to plans purchased since 2008, according to a news release from the Florida Prepaid College Board, which said Monday it was lowering plan prices.


Ten years ago, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti, causing apocalyptic damage in the capital of Port-au-Prince and surrounding cities.

Andrea Hernandez Briceno / AP

Things haven’t gone so well lately for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó. And last weekend it looked like the country’s socialist regime had left him powerless. But Guaidó made a comeback on Tuesday that heartened Venezuelan expats here in South Florida.