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Pedro Portal / Miami Herald

The Miami-Dade Democratic Party is calling for one of its most high-profile members, State Attorney Katherine Fernández Rundle, to suspend her reelection campaign over her handling of controversial cases involving police officers.

The local party’s executive committee, in a vote Tuesday night, criticized the “staggering failures of the State Attorney to hold law-enforcement accountable” and called on Miami’s top prosecutor to cede her position to her Democratic challenger, Melba Pearson.


A marijuana lobbyist became the only statewide Democrat sworn into office. Smoking medical marijuana became legal in Florida. A new hemp program gave farmers statewide the optimism for a new cash crop. On the whole, 2019 proved to be a monumental year for cannabis in the state.

In February, The state hired its first “cannabis czar,” in August the Miami-Dade State Attorney announced it will no longer prosecute minor marijuana cases and in October, two associates of Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani’s sought pot licenses in the state.

Broward County State Attorney's Office Handout

People wrongfully convicted of crimes in Broward County have a brand new option to try to correct their records and repair their lives.

The Broward County State Attorney’s Office announced it is taking online applications for people to request independent reviews of their cases if they believe they were wrongfully convicted. The office’s Conviction Review Unit had a soft launch earlier this year, during which it has been figuring out how the “independent review panels” will operate. 

hemp vs marijuana
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Now that smoking hemp is legal across Florida, it's causing problems for local governments who want to prohibit smoking illegal marijuana. 

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In Florida, people charged with certain crimes can apply to have their records sealed or expunged. The vast majority of eligible people, however, don’t take advantage of that opportunity. One program,  dubbed “Second Chance, One-Stop,” is looking to change that.


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Broward County hasn’t had a new State Attorney in 43 years. In June, 76 year-old Michael Satz said he plans to retire next year after prosecuting confessed Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz . 

On Thursday night a candidate who’s calling for a different vision of the job held a rally at Tarpon River Brewing in Fort Lauderdale.

In a packed brewery, Joe Kimok got loud applause when he told the crowd he wanted to end mass incarceration. This is a central element in a larger wave of progressive policies that state and district attorneys around the country are campaigning on.