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Broward Health CEO Resigns

Oct 3, 2018
Broward Health
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Beverly Capasso, chief executive officer of Broward Health, abruptly resigned Wednesday, with the public hospital system giving no reason for her departure.

The resignation of Capasso, who had been named permanent CEO in February, throws further turmoil into a system that has been hobbled by indictments, investigations and infighting among board and staff.

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A Broward Circuit Judge was unsympathetic to the South Florida Sun Sentinel during a hearing Wednesday over the newspaper's decision to publish legally obtained information about the Stoneman Douglas High School shooter Nicolas Cruz's educational record. 

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The chief lawyer for Broward County schools never consulted with the School Board before requesting that a judge hold the South Florida Sun Sentinel and two reporters in contempt

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The Broward County School Board on Monday asked a judge to hold the South Florida Sun Sentinel and two of its reporters in contempt of court over the publication of a report about the Parkland shooter’s years within the school system.

The School Board alleges the newspaper intentionally published information it knew a judge had ordered to be redacted.


Last January, gunman Esteban Santiago allegedly killed five and injured six at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Even though it only took Broward Sheriff's deputies 90 seconds to detain Santiago, for the next 12 hours the airport was a scene of chaos, with false reports of gunshots, passengers stranded and authorities struggling to manage the crisis. 

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Recently, the Sun-Sentinel reported that the Broward County School District may have to return $23 million  in federal Title 1 funds. The story said the district improperly distributed those funds, according to an auditor-general report. 

Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie took issue with the report and had a letter published in the Sun-Sentinel challenging the story's claims.

A Victim Of Gun Violence On Gun Control

Mar 19, 2013
Wikipedia Commons

On June 22, 2004 I was shot point blank with a .45-caliber gun as I entered a subway station in Astoria Queens. The bullet entered my back and rattled around, destroying my hip. It had just enough inertia to come to a stop after puncturing the femoral artery. Nobody was ever prosecuted for my shooting. Meanwhile, I suffered for six years before being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

Fast Train Will Link Miami, Orlando In 2015

Dec 10, 2012
All Aboard Florida

A billion-dollar passenger rail project, due to break ground next year, will be whisking business travelers and tourists between Miami and Orlando at top speed by some time in 2015.

Plans call for stops in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach on the way from Miami to Orlando International Airport with a spur line connecting the beaches of Brevard County to the system.

Cost and benefits? According to the Sun Sentinel, $1 billion, 1,600 jobs and a three-hour trip -- much quicker than you could make at the wheel of your own car.

Florida Economy, Taxes, Jobs Teeter On Cliff

Dec 3, 2012
Stuart Miles

What would a plunge off the fiscal cliff mean in Florida?

Disaster, according to the data. Higher taxes, job losses and probably a recession because of curtailed consumer spending.