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Guests for Sundial April 9, 2018:

It has been almost two months since Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students came together to form the Never Again gun reform movement, following the mass shooting that occurred on campus on Feb. 14. 

A core group of surviving students became the leading voices on the issue of gun reform in the country. But Stoneman Douglas High has more than 3,000 students, and some of them feel that their stories are not reflected in the narrative of their peers.

Scary Termite Invader Returns To Broward

Nov 29, 2012
University of Florida

State pest control officials are renewing the war against a versatile and destructive termite they thought they had defeated a decade ago.

But the tree termites -- mobile, airborne, prolific and voracious -- have gained a new foothold in Broward County. Experts who met Wednesday to develop a termite strategy say the insects have overrun a square mile of Dania Beach.

The usual anti-termite tactics won’t work this time, they say, because: