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Compass LGBTQ Community Center

LGBTQ youth say the thing that’s been hardest about not going to school is not being able to spend time with friends. Physical isolation during a pandemic has had a significant effect on their wellbeing.

Compass is an LGBTQ center in Lake Worth Beach. In normal times, young people use the center as safe space from discrimination and isolation. There are arts and cultural activities, and an All Tea, No Shade therapy group, where they drink tea and talk with licensed therapists — and each other.

Youth Concept Gallery

Juneteenth is taking on special significance this year, against the backdrop of nationwide unrest over police killings of Black Americans.

The June 19 holiday commemorates the day the last enslaved African Americans learned of their freedom in 1865, when Union General Gordon Granger led soldiers through Galveston, Texas, to spread the news — more than two years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.

Palm Beach County Looking At Mandatory Masks

Jun 16, 2020
Carl Juste / Miami Herald

With coronavirus cases spiking in Palm Beach County, commissioners are considering making mask-wearing mandatory in public buildings.


People in Palm Beach County are walking and cycling their way through the pandemic; they’re spending less time driving their cars, a pattern that may persist even as coronavirus-related restrictions are lifted.

Wilkine Brutus / WLRN

Choreographed chants of “No Justice, No Peace” ricocheted from block to block  as hundreds of people of all ages and races gathered  in Downtown West Palm Beach on Sunday to demand justice for George Floyd.

The protest was peaceful and well-organized in the daytime, and tense by nightfall.

Wilkine Brutus

The new normal began on a somber evening in March.

When Rodney Mayo had to lay off more than 650 employees from his 17 restaurants and bars, following Gov. Ron DeSantis’ order to suspend dine-in operations, he feared that many of his employees — which amounted to 1,800 families — would have trouble feeding themselves. And he was right.

Wilkine Brutus

Dine-in service was still quiet. The sound of drills, grass blowers, passing cars and birds chirping have replaced human chatter and laughter.

Restaurants, sidewalks, and streets remained largely empty Monday. Road closures and construction detour signs block most of the west and east ends of the historic Clematis Street.

Palm Beach Tech

Young, savvy entrepreneurs were building on Palm Beach County’s growing momentum as a tech hub. Co-working spaces sprang up everywhere. From big companies to smaller startups, hiring in South Florida’s tech clusters was at a 16-year high.  

Then the building blocks crashed. Instantly. 

Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County

In March, swastikas were found painted outside the Guatemalan Maya Center and an office being used for the Bernie Sanders campaign, both in Lake Worth Beach.

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control

Cabin fever. Anxiety after layoffs. Social Isolation. As people seek companionship under Florida’s stay-at-home order, it has led to a record-breaking uptick in pet fostering and adoption.

For the first time in its history, which stretches five decades, one of three kennels at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control’s shelter in West Palm Beach is completely empty.

Mark Hedden / markhedden.com

Invasive iguanas burrowing into the soft dirt around an aging dam cost a Florida city $1.8 million in emergency repairs.

Employees noticed last year that water was seeping round the edges of a decades-old weir that controls water delivery in West Palm Beach, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Caitie Switalski / WLRN

Fort Lauderdale and Broward County were named in the top 'largely suburban' communities in the country last year for the number of people experiencing homelessness, the chronically homless, and homeless veterans. 

That's according to the newly released report from the U.S. Department of Housing And Urban Development. 

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Teresa Gonzalez never imagined living on Gabriel Lane.

The West Palm Beach street is famous for its Christmas light displays. It’s even listed on Foursquare as “the Christmas Street.” For the entire month of December, cars parked along Florida Mango Street, inching along Gabriel Lane, throughout the evening hours.

Gonzalez, who grew up in the area, was 17 when she first joined the throngs of people admiring Gabriel Lane’s lights.

Illustration by Madeline Fox / WLRN

When Paul Abbott first moved to South Florida, he, like many transplants, had to learn how to fight the heat.

Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Describing the law as an “unnecessary and unconstitutional overreach,” cities and counties argue that an appeals court should reject a 2011 state law that threatens tough penalties if local elected officials approve gun regulations.