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The End of the Road

WLRN-ify My Commute: Let Us Give Your Daily Drive The Public Radio Treatment


We spend a lot of time together on the road, you (audience) and us (WLRN). If you’re like most of our listeners, we’re with you in the car just about every day -- through your speakers, at least.

But we want to take it to the next level: We want to actually get in the car with your family, your friends, your coworkers.

As part of our End of the Road series about life on I-95, we want to hop in the car for a ride-along to record a lucky driver’s daily commute. We’ll give it the public radio treatment -- make it sound like a story you would hear on WLRN.

First, we need your nominations. We’re looking for someone who has a really interesting or quirky commute. Someone like:

-Your mom, who sings the entire ride to work.

-Your co-worker, who runs the entire office’s carpool logistics.

-Your sister, who has the worst road rage ever.

-Your neighbor, who makes two coffee stops before getting to work.

-Your best friend, who forces their teenage kids to chauffeur them on errands.

Know somebody like that?

Send in your nomination by emailing Kenny Malone at kmalone@miamiherald.com. Put “commute” in the subject line. Make sure to tell us who you’re nominating, why they deserve the public radio treatment, and how to get in touch with both of you.