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Audio Postcard: Magic Hour On South Beach

Sammy Mack

Sunrise is a special time on South Beach, but on holiday weekends, it's a magic hour.

Right around dawn, there's a brief overlap as the night owls wind down and the early birds gear up for a new day.

"It's peaceful, it's quiet. All of the chaos kind of dies down," observed Malika Everette, who woke up early on Memorial Day to take photos of the sunrise over South Beach. Everette planned to post the landscapes to Instagram before heading back home to Atlanta.

The dawn hours are for locals, too.

"I love mornings," said Leon Ferguson, a security guard beginning his 12-hour shift on Monday in front of a beach hotel. "It's nice and cool, it's not humid, it feels good."

Not an early riser? Get a feel for the magic hour with this audio postcard from sunrise on South Beach:



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