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Do You Sound Like You're From South Florida? Take The NYT Quiz

Our Miami talk is markedly different from the Southern drawls heard farther north in the state, but even within the four South Florida counties, twangs and tones are varied.

The New York Times this week released a dialect map to show its readers how their speech lines up with their hometowns. A quiz asks readers how they pronounce words like "caramel" and "aunt," and the answers generate a color coded map, which also highlights three of the cities whose residents speak most like the quiz taker.

Here's what my map looked like:

The places in shades closest to red are places where people sound most like me. Strangely, my English -- second language to my Peruvian Spanish -- sounds most like that of people in three California cities.

Find out where you sound like you're from here: How Y'all, Youse and You Guys Talk.

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