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Malik Abdul-Basit, a rapper best known for his work with The Roots as Malik B., has died. He was 47.

Packing into a small, dimly lit room while you and a few hundred strangers dance and listen to your favorite artists is one of the many small joys we've been missing for months. For many of those spaces and their fans, that experience could be gone forever if a new piece of legislation called the Restart Act doesn't pass Congress before it goes on recess in August.

In romance, characters often face obstacles that are larger than life — pirates, spies, secret plots, paranormal forces. And sometimes our heroines grapple with issues closer to reality, like how to have both a satisfying career and a deeply satisfying love life. Romance heroines — they're just like us! These three novels remind us that it's worth fighting for both a romantic and professional happy ever after.

Olympia Theater

It all began with a phone call to Spain.

Months ago, Gabriela Fernandez called Madrid to check in on her dad, who's been living there for about 17 years.  She says she was concerned about how he was faring under Spain's strict coronavirus quarantine rules.

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Band was the last period of the day, and the anticipation kept Valeria Valera going through her other classes.

“When I think about school, what motivates me to go to school is usually band class,” said Valeria, 13, a rising eighth grader at Rickards Middle School in Fort Lauderdale. “And it’s at the end of the day, so I have to wait all day.”


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Rep. Donna Shalala Calls For Stay-At-Home Order

Florida is one of the epicenters for the coronavirus nationwide and the numbers show no signs of improvement.

Oolite Arts’ Close Quarters Commissions Reveals Slices Of Life In Times Of Quarantine

Jul 13, 2020
(Photo courtesy of Valerie Brooks

The question: In this time of coronavirus, when creativity is under forced constraint because of social distancing and other restrictions, how can you take that concept and use it as an advantage, if you must, to make art?

The answer: Make films that reveal slices of life in Miami during quarantine.

Amanda Smith

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many people in South Florida’s arts and entertainment world might have had to change lanes and slow down a bit — but they haven’t hit the brakes.

They’re adapting to a changed and challenging performance landscape they could not have foreseen a few months ago.

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Each spring, theater students at Miami Dade College write short plays. And then in the summer, they translate them from the page to the stage.

The summer class is titled “Theatre Problems,” honoring the challenges they have to work through to produce, direct and act in the plays. This year, the course really lived up to its name.

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COVID-19 Cases In Florida Pass 100,000

Florida reached a grim milestone on Monday with a total of more than 100,000 COVID-19 cases. Half of those are in South Florida.

Make Music Miami Lives On – Virtually

Jun 17, 2020
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Make Music Day – the annual international celebration of June 21, aka the summer solstice – is almost upon us. In normal, non-quarantine times, millions of people around the world would be encouraged to gather outside and perform music in a joyful welcome to the beginning of summer.

From the outside, Melania Trump looks like a woman in over her tastefully balayaged head. At public events, she rarely speaks, but assumes the rictus smolder — like a model who has just spotted a lion over the photographer's shoulder — that inspired a thousand #freemelania signs.

The shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic hit musicians hard, with concert halls and rehearsal spaces shuttered and silent. But a new music initiative from the Library of Congress embraces the constraints of COVID-19. The series is a collection of 10 videos of 10 different original compositions that will premiere online starting Monday, June 15. It's called the Boccaccio Project.