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WLRN Original Documentaries

Producing award winning original programs remains a high priority for WLRN. Take a closer look at some of the incredible stories that we have had the pleasure of producing for our South Florida viewers.

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Friday 8pm MEET JOHN DOE - (1941) A drama starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck.   A man needing money agrees to impersonate a nonexistent person who said he'd be committing suicide as a protest, and a political movement begins.

Thursday 9pm BOSS: THE BLACK EXPERIENCE IN BUSINESS Documentary - Learn about the untold story of African American entrepreneurship, where skill, industriousness, ingenuity and sheer courage in the face of overwhelming odds provide the backbone of this nation’s economic and social growth.

Murder and Motors

Feb 17, 2020

Tuesday 8pm DEATH IN PARADISE - Crime Drama - A detective inspector and his police team solve murder mysteries on the Caribbean Island of St. Marie. 

Friday 8pm THE INSPECTOR GENERAL – Romance/Musical - A town's corrupt officials think a fool is actually an investigator in disguise.

Science Channel

Don’t tell Chuck Meier the Bermuda Triangle isn’t a truly mysterious and dangerous place.

Those reports of ships disappearing and unexplained spinning compasses can’t all be fiction, he said.

“Then how do you explain it?” Meier asked. “Christopher Columbus was one of the first people to actually report lights and spinning compasses and things coming out of the water and going into the water. That’s O.G. stuff.”

Tuesday 8pm DEATH IN PARADISE - Crime Drama - A detective inspector and his police team solve murder mysteries on the Caribbean Island of St. Marie. 

WLRN celebrates Black History Month with a four hour block of prime time programming looking at the last fifty years of African American history in BLACK AMERICA SINCE MLK: AND STILL I RISE, a documentary by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  

Kia Motors America via / YouTube

This year's Super Bowl commercials were packed with superstar cameos and in-your-face messages — from Ellen DeGeneres

FIND IT, FIX IT, DRIVE IT - NEW SERIES PREMIERES TUESDAY AT 10PM  Reality - Automotive restorers Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove fix up beautiful antique vehicles and test drive them on difficult locales. Be it motorcycles, ambulances or tractors, Cole and Lovegrove are up to the challenge.

Wednesday 8pm HIS GIRL FRIDAY (1940) Drama/Romance starring Cary Grant and Rosalind RussellA newspaper editor uses every trick in the book to keep his ace reporter ex-wife from remarrying.

Tuesday 9pm FRANKIE DRAKE MYSTERIES  - Crime Drama - Set in 1920s Toronto, the all female Drake Private Detectives crack the cases the police don’t dare go near. 

Monday 9pm - MISS FISHER MURDER MYSTERIES - Crime Drama Phryne Fisher is a glamorous and thoroughly modern woman of the 1920s who fights injustice with her pearl handled pistol and her dagger-sharp wit.


One of Miami's oldest and largest Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrations  takes place on the streets of Liberty City on Monday January 20th at 11am.  The parade travels along NW on 54th Street and 10th Avenue to 32nd Avenue.   There are colorful floats, marching bands, dignitaries, historic pioneers, dance and drill teams, union groups and a crowd favorite, Carnival stilt walkers and Junkanoos.  


Friday 8pm BLOOD ON THE SUN - 1945 Drama/Thriller - Reporter Nick Condon (James Cagney) works for a pre World War II Tokyo newspaper and publishes a story exposing the Japanese government's imperialist plans. 

Thursday 8pm NATURE - Dogs In The Land Of Lions - Documentary - Follow the unforgettable journey of a close-knit family of wild dogs in Zimbabwe and witness rarely seen behavior, from tender moments with newborn pups to the thrills of hunting wildebeest, to close encounters with their greatest enemy – the lion.