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Florida's Congestion Is The 9th Worst In The Country - But Some See This As A Good Sign

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Traffic on I-95 in Miami

Nonprofit transportation research group TRIP released a study last week that names Florida’s interstate highways the 9th most congested in the country.


The study shows that travel is increasing too fast for states to keep up, but Greg Stuart, executive director of the Metropolitan Planning Organization in Broward County, says the study bodes well for Florida’s future.


“Healthy congestion is part of a healthy economy," he said. "We’re actually pleased at where we’re falling in at this point in time.”

Stuart, who also sits on a state transportation board, says planners are rethinking how to tackle South Florida’s traffic problems.


“We’re on the cusp of some really fun, really interesting and fun stuff, so hold on because we just got started,” he said.

Stuart says that in the very near future, autonomous vehicles and new public transit systems will rethink the way we see commuting and traffic itself. However for the time being, he says the new numbers show that innovative measures that are already in place - like express lanes and walkable downtown areas - are working.