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WLRN Diversity Statement

Ethnic, National, and Cultural Diversity Statement

The great diversity of the peoples of South Florida, their beliefs, their cultures, and their lifestyles can either enrich the community or be a source of disagreement and conflict. WLRN will acquire, produce, broadcast, and distribute programming that will encourage South Floridians to seek an understanding and appreciation of other cultures.
WLRN Public Media is strongly committed to the pursuit of excellence in its public service mission by including and integrating individuals who represent different groups as defined by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, age, disability, national origin, and religion.
Our commitment until initiatives designed to capitalize on the benefits of diversity in public media and public service. We must create a climate with an ethos of respect, understanding and appreciation of individual and group differences. We must encourage the pursuit of social justice within and outside the organization.
WLRN Public Media is an equal opportunity employer and will attempt to recruit a diverse work
force and explicitly forbid discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, national
origin, religion, sex, age, disability and marital status, military status, citizenship or any other
legally protected status in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal law.

Overarching WLRN’s diversity goals is the fact that WLRN is a department within Miami-Dade County Schools; and as such, WLRN follows District guidelines on diversity workforce makeup.