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Director of Major Gifts

Reports To:  CEO, Friends of WLRN, Collaborates with Director of Membership, GM WLRN


Friends of WLRN Public Media is seeking an experienced fundraising professional who can transform their passion and vision for public media into effective strategies focused on major giving. The ideal candidate is highly disciplined, organized and goal oriented with demonstrated competencies in relationship building, information management, project support, donor research and verbal and written communication. Friends of WLRN’s Major Gift Officer is a front-line fundraising professional responsible for the management of a portfolio of prospects with the giving potential of five figures or more.

To Apply: Please submit resume with cover letter and position applying for to sreinken@friendsofwlrn.org

Purpose of positionTo secure funds for the organization by fulfilling the interests and passions of donors by providing them with giving opportunities, encouraging them to give and assuring that as many as possible are retained as continuing donors to the organization and are upgraded in their giving and involvement.

Ongoing responsibilities:

  • Build relationships around donor interests and organizational priorities.
  • Successfully solicit, retain and grow investments from $5,000 and up donors.
  • Manages a portfolio of highly qualified donors for cultivation, solicitation and stewardship that results in major gifts (five figures plus) within twelve to eighteen months.
  • Create detailed moves management plans for prospects that will strengthen relationships and move them along the giving path towards greater engagement and philanthropy with WLRN.
  • Supports the CEO by providing information and opportunities, including; summaries that serve as background for meetings and conversations with leadership donors and prospects;
  •  activities and engagement tactics including, but not limited to events, tours, one-on-one meetings, lunches and personal consultations.
  • Works with Membership to hand-off prospects at lower levels of giving and to cultivate those at higher levels
  • Cultivates Board Members to utilize contacts and to utilize the circle of influence of Board Members to generate higher level gifts.


  • Will qualify and manage a prospective portfolio of donors and cultivate from a group of donors to the organization who qualify.
  • Will create individual goals for each donor on his or her portfolio based on the donor’s history of giving and the organization’s knowledge of that donor’s potential.
  • Will create a plan for each donor that will serve as a foundational communication and marketing plan for each person on the portfolio.  Will faithfully and on a timely basis execute that plan so that individuals on the portfolio are retained and upgraded.
  • Will work with station Production departments to secure appropriate project information, including budgets, and create offers, proposals and asks that will be used with donors on the portfolio to secure gifts and report back on how their giving is making a difference.
  • Will perform other major donor activities as may be required by management, including creating monthly reports that accurately reflect portfolio activity and performance.
  • Works with Membership to hand-off prospects at lower levels of giving and to cultivate those at higher levels
  • Cultivates Board Members to utilize contacts and to utilize the circle of influence of Board Members to generate higher level gifts.

Accountability – Performance will be measured by:

  • Ability to qualify donors from the larger pool of organizational donors that meet the major gift criteria of $5,000 and higher.
  • Ability to create reasonable financial goals for each donor which are based on their giving and their potential.
  • Ability to create a personal contact and ask plan for each donor on his or her portfolio, that considers the individual donor’s passions, interests, motivations, giving patterns and ask preferences.  Ability to execute this plan in a timely and cost-effective manner which results in the retention and upgrading of donors.
  • Ability to secure project and organization information and create and write effective offers, proposals and asks.  Ability to secure information that can be sent back to donors to report on how their giving made a difference.
  • Ability to create timely reports that reflect portfolio performance.
  • Ability to manage people, process, deadlines and budget while adhering to the policies and procedures of the organization.
  • Ability to get along with peers, subordinates and management and maintain a positive and constructive attitude while solving problems. Ability to be a team player and protect the mission, goals and values of the organization.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Necessary Experience and Requirements

  • Identification with the mission and purpose of WLRN
  • Demonstrated organizational skills managing a variety of activities efficiently and professionally.
  • Hands-on knowledge of donor database systems.
  • Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to manage high level confidential information with integrity and sensitivity.
  • Minimum of five years of fundraising experience that includes demonstrated success in securing five figure gifts and above.

Bachelor’s Degree or master’s degree in Communications, Business, or related field