The Execution Of Michael Lambrix, Playwright Nilo Cruz And A Teen Quarterback

Oct 5, 2017

Host of WLRN's Sundial show, Luis Hernandez, has a conversation with the award-winning playwright, Nilo Cruz on the Oct. 5 show.
Credit Constance Jones/WLRN Sundial / WLRN

WLRN reporter Wilson Sayre shares with us what the final hours for Death Row inmate Michael Lambrix will be like, before the state executes him Thursday evening. She also takes us through the changes Florida's death penalty has been through, which are described even more in her project, Cell 1.    

Then Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Nilo Cruz joins us in the studio to talk about how his immigrant experience has shaped his writing style. He previews his upcoming Playwright Master Class at Florida Atlantic University this Sunday, Oct. 8.  

Lastly, we hear Holly Neher's perspective. Neher, who plays for Hollywood Hills High, made state history by being the first female quarterback in high school football to complete a touchdown pass, and she explains what it's like to play with the boys.