WLRN Mission and Vision

WLRN Mission & Vision

The Mission of WLRN Public Radio and Television is to provide information, entertainment, and learning services with a commitment to excellence in serving local, national and international communities.
The Vision of WLRN Public Radio and Television is to be the most trusted, valued, and supported public media organization in South Florida.


WLRN is Public Radio and Television for South Florida.

WLRN Radio signed on in 1948 as a non-profit, non-commercial broadcast station licensed to the School Board of Dade County. WLRN-TV followed in 1962. Since then, WLRN has grown steadily with financial support from Friends of WLRN, Inc. to become an integral part of the community it serves, offering a rich and varied mix of news and information, arts and culture, childhood education and lifelong learning.

WLRN is a multifaceted media enterprise comprising a television and a radio station, cable services, and closed-circuit educational channels.

New digital television and radio channels now complement more traditional broadcast services, ushering in the next stage of WLRN's evolution.

Today, WLRN continues to provide quality public radio and television services to a combined weekly audience of well over a million people in South Florida, from Palm Beach to Key West. WLRN also provides media support to Miami-Dade County Public Schools, whose 467 schools have an enrollment of over 356,086 students.

Public Radio: 91.3 FM


WLRN Radio is the oldest FM station in South Florida and a National Public Radio (NPR) member station. From 5 in the morning until 7 at night, 91.3 FM is the first choice among South Floridians who keep abreast of world events through NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

WLRN also offers a range of thoughtful and engaging national talk shows including Fresh Air with Terry Gross, The Takeaway, 1A, and On Point with Tom Ashbrook.  Weekends bring first-person stories and short fiction pieces that continue to surprise and touch audiences, including the ever-popular This American Life and The Moth Radio Hour. The Radiolab is another weekend favorite, along with Wait, Wait... Don’t Tell Me and Weekend Edition.

Not only does WLRN bring you the best of National Public Radio, American Public Media, and Public Radio International, but we also offer local programs including The Sunshine Economy, Sundial, Evenin' Jazz, and Folk and Acoustic Music.

Now, in a powerful news partnership with The Miami Herald, WLRN presents the most comprehensive local and regional news every half hour during Morning Edition, middays, and All Things Considered.

Since January 1999, when the news/talk emphasis was added to WLRN's programming, the audience has more than doubled WLRN also manages the Radio Reading Service, an invaluable resource for the visual and print handicapped in the community. Twenty-four hours a day, this unique service provides vital news, information, and literary enrichment for those who are not able to read for themselves. The service is broadcast over a private frequency and heard on special receivers provided to listeners without cost or obligation. Volunteers make this effort possible by reading newspapers, current periodicals, and books.

Public Television: WLRN Channel 17

WLRN-TV presents the best of the PBS nationally recognized series to compliment award winning locally produced specials. Our prime time programming features an array of cultural, informational, arts, science, drama and documentary specials to address the curiosity and interests of our local community. WLRN-TV has a monthly viewing audience of more than 650,000 households in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale market, with viewership extending from lower Palm Beach County to Key West.

Channel 17 airs children’s programming daily with more than 50 hours of award-winning content featured each week. Primetime brings award-winning PBS signature programs, such as Nature, Nova, American Experience, Finding Your Roots, and Antique Roadshow, along with the best of British programming, including Inspector George Gently, Broken Wood Mysteries and fan-favorite A Place To Call Home to South Florida audiences.

Additionally, WLRN-TV produces award-winning television documentaries that impact South Florida and distributes this content nationally to other PBS stations. So far in 2017, WLRN’s nationally distributed programs were available on 78% of public television stations across the United States.
In just the last quarter of 2017, over 1-million South Floridians tuned in to watch a WLRN original television production. Original documentaries include award winners: Deep City: The Birth of the Miami Sound, a story about two musical geniuses, Willie Clarke and Johnny Pearsall,  who created the first black-owned record label in Florida called Deep City Records during the mid-60’s; Treblinka’s Last Witness, a compelling and emotional film that gives a first-hand account by last-known survivor Samuel Willenberg, about his life during the Holocaust and as a Jewish inmate in Treblinka, one of three Aktion Reinhard Death Camps; Streets of Wynwood, a wild one-hour ride into the riot of color, creativity and chaos that is Miami’s street art scene; and most recently Boca Raton: The Secret Weapon That Won World War II, a journey to discover how a small Florida town called Boca Raton and a tiny device turned the tide of World War II.

WLRN TV is also a partner station with Florida PBS Learning Media, a robust educational website with access to 125,000 classroom-ready, digital resources and in-depth lesson plans that are available to free to teachers, parents and students.