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Friends of WLRN, Inc. (Friends) has a media management agreement with the School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida. As the Media Manager, Friends is responsible for all aspects of the daily operations and management of the School Board’s media properties including WLRN TV, WLRN FM, WKWM FM, associated radio translators and the station’s multiple digital distribution platforms.


The Corporation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, which purposes include: (1) to provide assistance to noncommercial publicly supported broadcasting in South Florida, including broadcast properties licensed to the School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida or licensed to or managed by the Corporation, in the case of each such broadcast property for so long as such broadcast property is eligible to receive grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; (2) to provide assistance to the provision of educational and instructional television material to schools for education; (3) to operate and manage noncommercial educational radio stations and televisions stations licensed to the School Board of Miami-Dade County Florida or licensed to or managed by the Corporation, in the case of each such station for so long as such station is eligible to receive grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; (4) to improve the adaptability, creativity, and efficiency of such broadcast operations and to improve the programming capabilities of such stations; (5) to propose, plan, develop, acquire, purchase, lease, prepare, distribute, license, and otherwise make available radio and television programs to be broadcast by such station(s) or by other noncommercial networks, systems, and broadcast facilities; (6) to lease, purchase, acquire, own, order, have, use, contract for, and to otherwise obtain, arrange for, and provide technical equipment for the transmission of educational programs; (7) to establish and maintain services for the promotion and circulation of educational radio and television programs on electronic media; and (8) for any other lawful purpose consistent with the foregoing.


The Mission of WLRN Public Radio and Television is to provide information, entertainment, and learning services with a commitment to excellence in serving local, national and international communities.


The Vision of WLRN Public Radio and Television is to be the most trusted, valued, and supported public media organization in South Florida.


Richard Rampell - Chair

Cheryl Wilke - Vice Chair
Retired Partner, International CPA Firm
Palm Beach, FL

Robert McGrath - Treasurer
Robert E.McGrath, CPA, LLC
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Darren Stokes, Secretary
EVP Human Resources,
Rick Case Enterprises,
Sunrise, FL

Michael Hernandez
LSN Communications
Miami, FL

School Board Member
Monica Colucci (District 8)
Miami, FL

Jamie Ortega
EVP, Regional Group Manager, Miami Dade Commercial Group, First Horizon Bank
Miami, FL

Sidney Lazard
Journalist & Financier, retired
Miami, FL

Lydia Harrison
Circle of Friends Member & Internship Sponsor
Miami Beach, FL

John LaBonia
Chief Executive Officer
Friends of WLRN/WLRN Public Media
Miami, FL

Sheila Reinken
Chief Operating Officer
Friends of WLRN / WLRN Public Media
Miami, FL

Darren Stokes
EVP Human Resources,
Rick Case Enterprises
Sunrise, FL

Kearey O. Wan
Shareholder Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson
Miami, FL

Christine Kotler
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Baptist Health South Florida
Miami, FL

Renee Johnson
Vice President, J.P. Morgan Private Bank
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Stephanie Vega
Friends of WLRN
Miami, FL


John LaBonia, CEO, jlabonia@wlrn.org

Sheila Reinken, COO, sreinken@friendsofwlrn.org

Stephanie Vega, CFO, svega@friendsofwlrn.org

Adrienne Kennedy, VP Television/Original Productions, akennedy@wlrn.org

Sergio Bustos, VP of News, sbustos@wlrnnews.org

Doug Petersen, VP Engineering, dpetersen@wlrn.org

Peter Maerz, VP Radio, peterj@wlrn.org

Caitie Munoz, Director of Newscasts and Original Live Programming, csmunoz@wlrnnews.org

Jessica Bakeman, Director of Enterprise Journalism, jbakeman@wlrnnews.org

Michael Anderson, Director of TV Production, manderson@wlrn.org

Giselle Reid, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, greid@friendsofwlrn.org

James March, Director of Program Acquisitions and TV Promotion, jmarch@wlrn.org

Ross Cooper, Director of Corporate Support, rcooper@friendsofwlrn.org

Nicole Stern, Director of Membership, nstern@friendsofwlrn.org

Monica Cruz, Director of HR & Administration, mcruz@friendsofwlrn.org