Sounds of the Caribbean

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Whether you're just dabbling or a die hard fan, be sure to tune in for the best of Caribbean music on Sounds of the Caribbean.

You can take a vacation in the islands overnight, courtesy of Sounds of the Caribbean.  Our knowledgeable and engaging host, Rich Davis will guide you on your journey from Jamaica to Trinidad.

You'll hear every variety of Caribbean music from Reggae and Calypso to Soca, Dance Hall, Steel Pan and more. From its earliest roots to the most contemporary hits.

Best FM Radio Personality Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2011 - Rich Davis, WLRN-FM

Listen To A Remembrance Of 'Sounds Of The Caribbean' Host Rich Davis

Apr 24, 2014

"Sounds of the Caribbean" host Rich Davis died in a private residence in Montego Bay, Jamaica, late Wednesday night, says funeral director Dale Delapenha.

As of Friday afternoon, cause of death has not been determined and an autopsy is pending for next week. Family members confirm Davis had a history of hypertension.

David "Ras D" Reuter began at WLRN in 1986 as a volunteer for WLRN's Radio Reading Service. In February 1988 he became a regular staff member of the Reading Service. Before coming to WLRN, David worked a variety of radio jobs including working on "Caribbean Rendezvous," a Caribbean music show that aired on a variety of radio stations in the South Florida market. It was there that David was exposed to not only a variety of music from the Caribbean, but its various cultures as well. David was also a musician and vocalist, performing throughout the Keys and South Florida.