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Anticipating Huge Turnout, Florida Elections Chief Unveils Toolkit To Prepare Voters

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Florida’s elections chief is hoping to prepare new and registered voters for this year’s elections through a toolkit he unveiled Tuesday.

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner says the Voter Education Toolkit includes a checklist.

“That checklist includes making sure that they know where their precinct is, where they’re going to vote, making sure that they’re registered to vote, and making sure they know when the elections are. We have two elections coming up: one on August 30 th and one on November 8 th.”

It also talks about the three different ways to vote, like voting by mail—previously called absentee voting. In addition, Detzner says the toolkit includes “Quick Facts” about the August Primary.

“If you’re going to vote in the Primary, it is a closed Primary, which means you can only vote for Democrat or a Republican if you’re Republican,” he added. “However, there’s a constitutional amendment that’s going to be on the August 30 th ballot and everyone and anyone who’s registered to vote can vote for that constitutional amendment.”

And, Detzner says he’s expecting about 10 million people will turn out to vote in this year’s General election in November.

“I expect for the General Election, there to be as many as 80 percent of the electorate voting,” he stated. “I expect that during the Primary, that number will be lower than that, perhaps, 40 to 45 percent, but during the General Election, we will be prepared for as much as 80 percent turnout.”

For more information, visit YourVoteFlorida.com.

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