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Key Largo Neighborhood That Flooded For 3 Months Last Year Fears A Replay This Year

High tides have flooded a Key Largo neighborhood again this year.
David Goodhue
Miami Herald
The Stillwright Point neighborhood in Key Largo is seeing persistent flooding from high tides again this fall.

The Stillwright Point neighborhood in Key Largo was inundated by King tides for more than 90 days last year. It's happening again.

The Stillwright Point subdivision in Key Largo was constructed decades ago on the Florida Bay by building fill over top of mangroves.

Every fall, very high tides known as king tides cause the streets of the low-lying neighborhood of middle-class to luxury homes to flood, usually for days to a week.

But in recent years, the standing saltwater — more than a foot in some spots — has lasted much longer. Last fall, residents of the 215-home community were basically held hostage to the car-corroding floods for more than 90 days.

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