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From The Blogs: Art Basel, Day One

Snapshot of #ArtBasel Instagram Feed

For those of you unable to weather the traffic, costs and crowds at Art Basel this week, fear not. Here at WLRN -- and with the help of local blogs and newspapers -- we have a rundown of what's been happening at Art Basel.

Party Time

Before the actual galleries even open, in true Miami style, much of Art Basel is all about the parties. 

If  you were stuck in traffic Wednesday night, you can thank the many parties kicking off Art Miami this week.

According to Fred Gonzalez via Miami.com, there was nothing more ubiquitous at Basel parties than champagne. 

Everywhere you turn, at every Basel related event or opening, are servers offering you a glass of champagne. If there was an official drink for Art Basel Week, it would be the bubbly.

The Miami Herald pointed out that some of the best parties in town were not all reserved for wealthy members of the art world. In fact, buying membership to a museum would get you in to some great parties -- and then you would have access to the museum for the year following. 

Most major art galleries in museums around town hosted some pretty  great parties, too.

The Art

Miami.com is updating its Basel blog everyday with some party updates as well as highlights of some of the most interesting art pieces. Among them, a fake Barack Obama head, toy alligators and soldiers, painted pianos and written word projects.

The Herald also has some great explainers about what Art Basel means for Miami's art community and the city:

  1. At Art Basel, less flash means more cash for galleries

  2. The business behind the artist: Miami’s art gallery scene still evolving

  3. Miami graffiti artist: Art Basel leaves local artists in the cold

  4. Art Basel, satellite events gear up to take over Miami-Dade

Instagram also has a great Art Basel feed full of great sights from the galleries that you can click through.
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