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Careful What You Ask A Fortune Telling Dog

Arianna Prothero

“The Black Lords” installation at Lords Hotel emerged as one of the crowd favorites from Art Basel week.

Artist Desi Santiago was the man behind the epic-sized installation that featured a giant black dog wrapped around the Lords Hotel.

Called Gypsy, she breathed smoke and shot lasers from her eyes.

Gypsy also told fortunes. People wrote their questions on cards, dropped them into a box and then learned the answer as Gypsy boomed a “yes,” “no” or “maybe.”

Gypsy seemed to hand out a lot of no answers. This reporter asked if Miami was becoming an art Mecca, Gypsy gave a growling no.  When New Times Cultist blogger HannahSentenac asked if she would write a best-seller, Gypsy again delivered a no.

Ever a glutton for bad fortunes, I stopped by the installation again and asked if WLRN would meet its pledge drive goals. Gypsy gave a definite no.

Clearly, Gypsy doesn’t know that public radio never takes no for an answer.

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