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North Miami's MOCA Art Dispute Settled

Daniel Bock
For the Miami Herald

A major dispute over works of art has finally been decided in North Miami.

When board members left the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art, some 600 pieces of artwork were left in limbo. The city of North Miami, which owns MOCA, and the former board each laid claim to the art in a bitter battle that drew national headlines.

On Wednesday, in a joint released statement, both sides said they reached a settlement. Most of the artwork will remain at MOCA.

North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin called it a win for the city.

“There were people who thought that MOCA was done, even one online outlet wrote a headline, ‘MOCA Closes,’” he said.  "So rumors of our demise were greatly exaggerated.”

The full details of the settlement have not yet been released.

Meanwhile, the former board members have moved on to start their own museum in Miami’s Design District and MOCA is preparing for an Art Basel kickoff with its new director Babacar M'Bow.

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