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What Google Autocomplete Says About South Florida

Google Maps
Alexander Gonzalez

South Florida is known for its tropical weather, and that's apparently what most people ask about the state on Google.

In 2014, the Twitter user known for making original maps, @Amazing_maps, created one characterizing the states with the top result from Google Autocomplete. The question “Why is [state] so” is typed into Google, and the top result that’s automatically suggested is the word placed on the map.

We narrowed it down and did a search of the statement “[place] is” for parts of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe counties. Here are some of the results:

Wynwood is Burning is a drag brunch held each first Sunday of the month at the R House restaurant. The event's name is a reference to the documentary "Paris Is Burning," about drag queens in New York City.


Forget about Coral Gables' interesting history and architecture. It's safe, so that's that.


And Broward County seems difficult to find.


People have strong opinions of neon in Miami Beach.


This top result refers to the 2009 documentary https://vimeo.com/6172296" target="_blank">"Liberty City is like Paris to Me." It's a series of photographs taken by Bruce Weber about the Martin Luther King Day celebrations when they coincided with President Obama's inauguration.


Join the conversation. What does your neighborhood yield? Let us know with the #SoFlaSearch.

Alexander Gonzalez produces the afternoon newscasts airing during All Things Considered. He enjoys helping tell the South Florida story through audio and digital platforms. Alex is interested in a little of everything from business to culture to politics.