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Knight Foundation Asks Public To Decide Which Art Project Gets Funded

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The four finalists for the Knight Art's Challenge People's Choice Award.

The Knight Foundation is letting South Floridians decide where their arts funding should go. 

The foundation provides funding to arts programs across the country. Each year it hosts an arts challenge based in South Florida in which local art projects compete for money.

For the past four years, the foundation has used a crowd-sourcing effort to give some of the finalists an extra financial boost.

There are four finalists for this year's Knight Foundation’s Arts Challenge "People’s Choice Awards".

The groups are vying for votes from South Florida art lovers. Anyone can vote by texting in their choice.

“It gives every art creator, art lover, in our community, the chance to vote their own opinion,” said Victoria Rogers, the vice president of Arts for the foundation.

The finalists are:

-Artefactus Cultural Project:  The project teaches kids how to produce a play.  

-Rise Up Gallery: A gallery composed of art created by people with disabilities. They also work with others who are recently disabled in theraputic art workshops.

-Delou Africaz': A group that wants to create an African heritage festival.

-Miami Girl's Rock Camp:  A music summer camp for girls to write and perform their own original works.

The prize is $20,000. In order to win, the finalists have to do what they do best and get creative.

“They go to their friends, they go to people who come to performances, they hold events where they get people interested,”  Rogers said.

Finalists are also reaching out through social media and even calling  radio stations for exposure.

Voting will be open until Nov. 17. 

For more information, go to the Knight Foundation People's Choice Award website.