Escape from Venezuela

Venezuela is trapped in the world's most catastrophic economic crisis today.

By the end of this year, an estimated 3 million people - a tenth of the population - will have left the country since 2015.

WLRN's Tim Padgett visited Cúcuta - the Colombian border city where thousands of Venezuelans arrive each day as refugees - for its series of reports, "Escape From Venezuela."

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Part 1

Venezuelan Refugees Banging On Doors For Food – And World's Attention

Refugiados venezolanos tocan puertas pidiendo comida - y atención internacional

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Part 2

South Florida Expats Pivot Past Regime With Money, Meds

Expatriados en el Sur de l aFlorida evaden el régimen para enviar dinero, medicinas

Credit Paul Smith / UNHCR

Part 3

Do Colombians Forget They Were Once The Refugees?

¿Han olvidado los colombianos que ellos también fueron refugiados alguna vez?