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Florida Will Be Getting A New License Plate Design-- And You Get A Say

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Via Vote4FloridaTag.com

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has opened up voting for a new design for the state's license plates.

The department is allowing Floridians to vote for the tag design they prefer from November 26 to December 14 at Vote4FloridaTag.com.

The new tags are sleeker and plainer, which is aimed at making it easier for cameras and scanners to read. Florida's license plates will also no longer have raised letters. Officials say they have lost millions because toll cameras and red light cameras have been unable to read some license plates.

Last month, plans to change the tags hit a snag when transportartion officials became concerned about who would be distributing the new plates.

According to the Associated Press this past October

Julie Jones, executive director of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, today withdrew the agency's request for Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet to approve the changes. She plans to consider new information as well as opposition from county tax collectors whose offices now distribute the tags. ...It's her idea to hire a statewide vendor to handle online and mail orders that has tax collectors in a lather. “I did not anticipate the level of resistance that I got,” Jones said. “I felt like I engaged early and often but apparently I didn't engage early and often enough, and I needed more specifics. The plan would not affect not walk-up sales, but the tax collectors say consumers could pay more for online and mail orders because some counties don't currently charge for postage. They also say it could take motorists longer to get their plates.

The state will start replacing nearly 18 million non-specialty tags in January 2014.