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NEWSCAST: 'Give Us More Money, And We Wont Raise Tuition'; Tri-Rail Expands Weekend Service

Five years in a row of budget cuts to the state university system has meant fewer classes and higher tuition. 

A group of state university presidents met at the state Capitol this week  to try to strike a bargain with state lawmakers. 
Their message: "Give us more money, and we won't raise tuition this year."
Tri-Rail Expands Service:
Tri-Rail is planning to roll out a new, hourly schedule of weekends and holidays. 
Currently, the trains run every two hours on those days. 
The Sun Sentinel reports Tri-Rail is expanding service after a boost in demand. 
About 5,000 people a day ride the train on weekends, which run from Magnolia Park just north of West Palm Beach to Hialeah in Miami.

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