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Florida Supreme Court Approves Ballot Language for Medical Marijuana

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The Florida Supreme Court has approved the ballot language for the legalization of medical marijuana.

In a four-three decision the court decided that the ballot's wording does not mislead the public, like Attorney General Pam Bondi had argued.

Ben Pollara, manager of the United We Care campaign that gathered the signatures needed for the amendment to get on the ballot, called this a "historic day for Florida."

"[A]nd a historic and important day for the hundreds of thousands of Floridians out there who are suffering and are really desperate for the sort of relief that medical marijuana could essentially bring," Pollara added.

Here is an excerpt from the decision: 

...We hold that the voters are given fair notice as to the chief purpose and scope of the proposed amendment, which is to allow a restricted use of marijuana for certain debilitating medical conditions. …

We conclude that the voters will not be affirmatively misled regarding the purpose of the proposed amendment because the ballot title and summary accurately convey the limited use  of marijuana, as determined by a licensed Florida physician, that would be authorized by the amendment consistent with its intent. …

The interpretation of the proposed amendment offered by the proponent that ―the intent is to allow [marijuana] use for a serious medical condition or disease,‖ rather than for any medical condition for which a physician personally believes that the benefits outweigh the health risks, is a reasonable one that is supported by accepted principles of constitutional interpretation.