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The Haitian Women Of Miami Celebrate 21 Years Of Advocacy

Creative Commons via Serge Toussaint

Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami (FANM), also known as the Haitian Women of Miami, will celebrate its 21st anniversary on Saturday. The organization, founded by Marleine Bastien, continues to be an influential organization within the Haitian community in Miami. Its work, though, includes advocacy efforts on behalf of Haitians far beyond Miami.

FANM loudly spoke out against Gov. Rick Scott’s proposed visit to the Dominican Republic with state business leaders. Scott’s announcement of the trip happened in the same month the Dominican Republic announced Dominicans of Haitian descent would be stripped of their citizenship. The trip took place but due to continued pressure, Scott ultimately did not join the contingency, a victory for FANM.

The group was also very active in 2010, when it mobilized community members and donors in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake.

While it doesn't advocate for the rights of the community through domestic and international policy, the organization offers educational opportunities for adults, after-school programs for kids, and crisis intervention counseling for families.

Read the South Florida Times article to read more about the organization.