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Commission Votes To Keep Ultra In Miami



Ultra's not going anywhere. On Thursday the Miami City Commission voted to retain the music festival.

After two hours of discussion, the commission ultimately showed their support for Ultra in a four-to-one vote. Opposition of the festival came from Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, who no longer wants Ultra to take place in downtown Miami. 


He cited weaknesses in security that have allowed those without tickets to jump the fence and acts of violence as a result of drug use at the festival. 


Ultra lobbyist Brian May gave a presentation showcasing the festival's global appeal. 



The other commissioners spoke in favor the benefits that the festival brings to Miami's image and economy. 

Every commissioner did agree that there needs to be improvements in the security at the festival. The commission voted to keep Ultra in Miami under certain conditions. The festival needs to increase police presence, put up extra fencing and add mental health and drug counseling stations at the festival.