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Miami's Haitian Community Reacts To Immigration Executive Order

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Across the street from a record shop on Northeast Second Avenue, Marie Salomon stands outside her Little Haiti variety store chatting with a customer in Creole.

She says people are coming by still upset about Pres. Obama’s immigration plan. She doesn’t really know the full details, but Salomon say she would like to see all undocumented immigrants included.

Under the executive order, immigrants who have been the in U.S. illegally for at least five years and who have children who are either citizens or permanent residents may qualify for protection from deportation.

Marleine Bastien, an immigration activist in Miami, says she’s frustrated millions are left out of the president’s plan.

"We’re not giving them a handout. All they are asking for is a chance to be able to work," Bastien says.

Haitian leaders in Miami are planning an information session for the community about the executive order.

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