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Want To Learn How To Detect Fake News? Miami-Dade Public Libraries Can Show You

Jason de Villa
FLICKR Creative Commons

Fake news is a real problem, and this summer, Miami-Dade's libraries are offering a program for students to learn how to spot bogus news stories.  

It's called the News Literacy Project, and it's available internationally through a virtual classroom. The project helps young people understand how to look for fair and fact-checked journalism.

Jennifer Shipley, library operations administrator, says fake news often spreads because it confirms emotions that people already have.

"People see it and then they're like 'I was right about that person. They're no good,' and then they share it, and the next person shares it. And pretty soon it's viral and it's not true," says Shipley. 

The curriculum of the News Literacy Project will use real-life examples and allow students to log in independently from home. 

Shipley says librarians are particularly suited to educate people about how to find good information. They're used to spending a lot of time searching for it. 

"Now everybody thinks that the answers are instantaneous, and they often aren't," she says.

The program will be available over the summer in five regional libraries - South Dade Regional Library, Miami Beach, North Dade Regional, West Dade Regional and West Kendall Regional Library- as well as the main library in downtown Miami. Each library is expected to have a group of 10-15 students participating. Shipley says they hope to expand in the fall. 

The News Literacy Project will launch Wednesday, June 7th at Coral Gables library with an event from 6-8pm and a journalism panel beginning at 7pm. To find out more about how to sign up, click here.

This story has been corrected to reflect that this program is available in five libraries and the main library. Originally it said it was available in four libraries and the main library. 

This story originally said the event at the Coral Gables library was at 5:30pm. The event begins at 6pm with a panel beginning at 7pm.

This story has been corrected to reflect that this program is available internationally through the virtual News Literacy Project classroom. Originally it said the program was available in New York, Chicago, and now Miami.