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A Carnival Crew Is Accused Of Refusing To Let A Dying Man Off A Ship To Get Medical Care

Andy Newman
Carnival Cruise Lines
People aboard the Carnival Sunshine in 2013.

A Carnival cruise crew prevented a man who’d had a heart attack from leaving the ship despite inadequate medical facilities and caused his death mid-cruise, alleges a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Miami federal court.

Jeffrey Eisenman’s wife (Linda Eisenman), daughter (Julie Eisenman) and son (Ryan Eisenman) accuse the Carnival Sunshine crew of negligence and infliction of intentional emotional distress. They say the ship’s doctor diagnosed Eisenman, a Marble, Pa., resident, as suffering a “major heart attack” on Dec. 3, 2018, but blame the crew for Eisenman’s death the next day at the age of 65.

“Jeffrey Eisenman died onboard while confined to the medical center of the Carnival Sunshine against his will,” the lawsuit declares. “His family was forced to watch on in horror at his mistreatment and decline into a gruesome death.”

Read more at our news partner the Miami Herald.

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