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Decision Florida: Will Florida Female Voters Sway The Elections?

Kyle Holsten
Donald Trump supporters protesting at a recent Hillary Clinton rally in Miami.

This week on Decision Florida, Melissa Ross from WJCT and Tom Hudson from WLRN talk about the gender gap in the presidential race and how could Donald Trump tapes impact races in our state. 



Recent polling shows a massive gender gap in the presidential race. The website 538 finds that if only men could vote, Trump would win in a landslide. If only women could, Hillary Clinton would win by an even bigger margin.

Reporter David Bauerlein of the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville; Sergio Bustos, senior editor of Politico and Alexandra Glorioso from the Naples Daily News, join the conversation about how Florida female voters' take on election issues might diverge from the view of their male counterparts. How will they influence the ultimate outcome in this swing state? Will they split their votes on Election Day?

Also, Floridians have filed thousands of insurance claims for millions of dollars for damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. What about government aid? Decision Florida discusses the politics of disaster relief dollars.