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Decision Florida: Is Your Vote Safe?

Associated Press
A Florida resident fills out a voter registration form in Miami, Florida, on October 11, 2016.

This week in Decision Florida, hosts Melissa Ross from WJCT and Tom Hudson from WLRN talk about voter access in light of the Donald Trump campaign's claims of a rigged election, how the November results will impact education in our state and the controversy around solar amendment 1.

With early voting starting on Monday October 24th, Susan Bucher, Supervisor of Elections in Palm Beach County, discuss the effects of extending the registration deadline one more week and how the County has been preparing for elections. 

Reporters Jessica Bakeman of POLITICO and Lindsey Kilbride of WJCT join the discussion about the politics of education in Florida, the big testing debate and how to attract new teachers. 
Decision Florida also tackled the controversy around solar Amendment 1, after a leaked audio from Sal Nuzzo, policy director of the James Madison Institute, revealed alleged maneuvering from utility companies to manipulate voters with the language of the proposal. Reporters Mary Ellen Klas from the Miami Herald, Wilson Sayre from WLRN, and Ryan Benk from WJCT, join the discussion.