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How Florida put the silencer on changing gun laws

Man holds a gun at a gun range while wearing a blue surgicial mask
Mike Stocker
South Florida Sun Sentinel
Gun owner and instructor Ronald Sippio Jr. practices his shot at a gun range in Hollywood Florida on Thursday, September 3, 2020. As NRA membership dues have declined, board members quit, its finances and political activity are under scrutiny and the NY Attorney General sued to dissolve the organization entirely, many Black gun owners have felt unrepresented, if not outright ignored, by the organization.

Decades ago there were more than 400 local gun control laws in Florida, depending on the votes of city and county officials. After backlash from gun rights groups rocked Tallahassee, those laws are now illegal. We explore how the state took over gun laws in Florida, and how far state leaders will go to make things stay that way.

Updated July 12, 2022

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