Disney Short Film 'Exchange' Full Of Haitian Culture

Aug 23, 2016

A Haitian-American teenager who convinces her teacher to have a “home exchange” program is at the center of a new Disney Channel short film called “Exchange.”

Disney Channel rolled out 12 short films this month that can be streamed on YouTube and Disney platforms.

Haitian-Jamaican actress, writer and producer  Daheli Hall  created "Exchange," and it’s a film that will definitely resonate in South Florida--which probably shouldn't be a surprise since Hall is a Miami native.

In the film, after Brijitte's  (pronounced bwee-JEET) teacher cancels a study abroad trip to Paris, the Haitian-American teenager suggests her classmates try doing an exchange by staying overnight in each other’s homes.

At Brigitte’s house her grandmere weaves in and out of French and Haitian-Creole (with captions, of course). The film doesn't appear to be set in Miami, but it easily could have been set here. 

Below are some scenes from "Exchange" that highlight Haitian culture :

Credit ScreenShot / Disney Channel

Brijitte and her grandma play "tim tim, bwa sek," Haitan riddles.

Credit Screenshot / Disney Channel

Brijitte speaks three languages. English, French and Haitian-Creole.

Credit Screenshot / Disney Channel

There's Haitian food. Banan peze, fried plantains for dinner. 

Credit Screenshot / Disney Channel

Wait, there's more Haitian food. You can't have banan peze without griyo.

Watch "Exchange" in the video below: