Florida Holidays: Publix Commercials Make Us Cry

Dec 26, 2012

tvOur friends at WUSF in Tampa have been collecting holiday stories and traditions from around the state for a series they call "Florida Holidays." The following was originally posted by WUSF reporter Dalia Colón.

WUSF reporter/producer Dalia Colón rarely cries over movies, but this Publix commercial had her in pieces.
Credit YouTube screen shot

Confession: Publix holiday commercials turn me to mush.

Maybe it's the music. Maybe it's because I'm already in the holiday spirit. Or maybe it's just good marketing.

Whenever a holiday approaches, I brace myself for a good cry, courtesy of the Lakeland-based supermarket chain.

The ads are like little movies. Even the Spanish-language commercials fill my eyes with lágrimas.

This one from 2008 still gets to me: 

But it's not just the commercials around Christmastime. I also got misty-eyed over this Valentine's Day ad: 

Even Mother's Day commercial made me tear up... and that was before I became a mom:

Am I alone here? Do you think Publix holiday commercials are sweet or sappy? Weigh in on our Facebook page.

If you've got your own Florida Holidays tradition or story (or confession), here are some ways to join in the fun: