The Florida Roundup: Life At The Edge In The Florida Keys

Aug 2, 2018

Living in the Florida Keys is life in paradise, but it comes at a cost. 

Day-to-day life in the Keys can be a struggle despite the natural beauty of the archipelago. Still, the affordability challenges, threats from hurricanes and risk of higher seas can't dilute the Conch spirit of independence, personal resiliency and individualism. 

This week, we head down the 7 Mile Bridge for a special edition of The Florida Roundup: Life at the Edge in the Florida Keys. WLRN's Tom Hudson will be speaking with people who live in Florida's southernmost county about the unique challenges and the opportunities that arise from island life. 

What are communities doing to protect and adapt to a changing environment? To discuss the islands' fragile ecosystems, we'll be speaking with The Nature Conservancy's Chris Bergh; the city of Key West's Sustainability Coordinator Alison Higgins, and Capt. Will Benson with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Council

We'll also be speaking with WLRN's Nancy Klingener and reporter Gwen Filosa as well as other Keys residents across a range of professions to explore what it's like to call the Keys home.

The show will be broadcast live from the Studios Of Key West. Reserve your seat here

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