Hear The Hymn: Mwen Pap Sa Bliye

Aug 9, 2010

This hymn is the one you hear under our piece, “Faith in the Aftermath.” The original segment explores how parishioners at Notre Dame D’Haiti Catholic Church here in Miami leaned on their faith and on song after their country’s massive earthquake– to heal and to release their grief.

We recorded the hymn as Rev. Reginald Jean-Mary presided over a Sunday morning mass. (He also narrated the faith piece.) As he explained in our interview, the church has grown since the Jan. 12 quake; when we recorded this hymn, Jean-Mary was delivering his sermon to a packed house. There were even plastic chairs and speakers set up outside to handle the overflow.

Jean-Mary says this hymn is one of the congregation’s favorites. It’s called “Mwen Pap Sa Bliye,”  which means “I won’t forget what He did for me.” Special thanks to the Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours choir for allowing us to hover around them with our recording equipment while they sang!