Homeless Funding Cuts, Ride Sharing In Miami-Dade, Dying Coral, Miami Beach Wages

May 6, 2016

The bumper sticker on this taxi is now outdated in Miami-Dade. As of this week, taxis are legally competing with ride sharing services like Uber after a vote by the county commission.
Credit Ccb621/flickr

Two big news stories in Miami-Dade County this past week will impact transportation and the homeless. The federal program for housing cut millions of dollars that Miami-Dade programs were counting on in homeless funding. Up to 700 beds for homeless people are at risk.

On a 9 – 2 vote, county commissioners legalized ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft. Now, the taxi industry is fighting back with a $1 billion lawsuit.

On the environmental front, coral is dying in many parts of South Florida because of the Army Corps of Engineers’ dredging of Port Miami as well as acidic seas.

Florida Power and Light talked has a cleanup plan for growing salt plumes caused by the Turkey Point cooling canals. The $50 million cleanup cost would be on the customer. We heard from Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez, who wants no more rate hikes until the issue is resolved.  Technical problems on our end prevented FPL from joining us. Our apologies to FPL, which will have a representative on next week’s show.

Raises may be on the way for low wage workers in Miami Beach. Mayor Philip Levine wants to raise the minimum wage in his city to a rate much higher than the state minimum. He’ll take his proposal to the city commission next week.

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