‘It Now Falls To Me.’ DeSantis Raises Right Hand And Becomes Florida’s 46th Governor

Jan 8, 2019

Florida’s state capital seemed to hold its breath in relative silence, if only for a moment, as Ronald Dion DeSantis placed his hand on a Bible and took the oath as Florida’s 46th governor just before noon Tuesday.

Following a dramatic 19-gun salute and Florida National Guard flyover, DeSantis then took to the podium to deliver his speech, which was laced with nautical metaphors, and called for unity but also emphasized the staunch conservative pillars on which he was elected.

“I take the helm of the ship of state as a Florida native, as a veteran of our nation’s military, conscious of my own deficiencies, mindful of the great trust that has been placed in me and thankful to so many of you who have prayed for me,” DeSantis said in the opening of his speech, addressing the crowd of about 3,000 elected officials, donors, former governors, Supreme Court justices and members of the public.

“Being charged with leading a state with so much promise, all I can promise is the sweat off my brow, a full heart, my best judgment and the courage of my convictions,” he said, adding that “my compass will be set on the principles reflected in the constitutional oath I have just taken, and for which Americans have given their lives.

“It now falls to me to build upon the foundation that has been laid, to navigate the challenges — economic, environmental and constitutional — that lie ahead, and steer Florida to a stronger, cleaner and safer future.”

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