Miami Beach Man Celebrates 40 Years Of Daily Run On The Sand

Dec 31, 2014

Robert "Raven" Kraft is celebrating the 40-year anniversary of his daily eight-mile run on the sands of South Beach. The 64-year-old hasn't missed a single day since starting his run on Jan. 1, 1975. Kraft ran with a group of regulars and some newcomers Tuesday on the eve of his 40th year.
Credit Carl Juste / Miami Herald

On New Year's Day, a South Florida man will celebrate 40 years of running each day on the Miami Beach sand.

Robert "Raven" Kraft, 64, began his daily routine on New Year’s Day in 1975. He hasn’t missed his 8-mile run since, despite battling chronic back pain, hurricanes, and the flu.

“It changed my life. First mentally, then physically, now spiritually," Kraft told the Miami Herald. "After the 8 miles are finished every day, I write that eight on my calendar and add up all the miles. I sit back and sometimes I just think of the good things that have come into my life just because of running.”

After failing to make it big as a young songwriter in Nashville, Kraft came to Miami Beach and began running to relieve stress.

He’s run with more than 2,000 people over the years and is still welcoming newcomers.

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