Miami-Dade Clerk Of Courts Calls For Sea-Level Rise Superfund

Oct 21, 2015

Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin sent a letter last week to South Florida members of Congress urging for the creation of a Federal Resiliency Superfund.

This is another instance of South Florida’s local governments seeking to plan ahead for the effects of sea-level rise.

Ruvin says: “The proposal basically calls upon the federal government to play a part in what has to be an intergovernmental partnership to attack issues from climate change impact such as sea level rise."

He says changes in ocean levels threaten $6 trillion worth state property as well as the lives of the millions of South Floridians.

Ruvin says there is no specific amount of money the superfund should have for sea-level rise management projects.

“We’re looking at a whole redoing of the water management district systems for controlling the water. Once we get that all together, we’ll be able to do the math,” Ruvin says.  

With the Superfund, Ruvin expects the creation of a jobs program that will enhance the economy and reduce financial pressure on FEMA in the long term.

At the moment, Ruvin has not received any response from state congressional members. He says his office has also reached out to several groups in Washington that represent local governments.