Miami Norland High School Students Explore Self-Esteem, Racism And Bullying In New Book

Jun 7, 2017

A group of students at Miami Norland Senior High in Miami Gardens spent part of their freshman year writing about their lives in poems and short stories.

The loss of a parent, struggling with low self-esteem, racism and homelessness are among the central themes in the narratives they penned about themselves.

Now sophomores, some of their works are collected in a new self-published book, “iRead, iThink, iWrite.”

The students started working on the project in their Freshman Experience class, which is supposed to help students get familiar with high school and prepare them for what happens after high school.

Their teacher Glenda Moton said the class is also about helping students get to know themselves better and how to handle difficult situations.

Listen to the radio story below. The students talk about their lives and what they learned in Ms. Moton’s class.