Mutiny Over Cooking Charcoal In Haiti Prison Led To Gang Rapes, Human-Rights Groups Say

Nov 22, 2019

It started around noon, when male detainees inside a prison for men and women north of Haiti’s capital heard there was no charcoal or propane gas to cook their food, and began violently protesting prison conditions and attempting to escape.

By the time it was over and the jail break had been stopped by Haiti National Police, at least one inmate was dead, several others had been injured and 10 female detainees, including a 15-year-old teen girl and 62-year-old woman, had been gang raped, two Haiti-based human rights groups said.

Accusing the government of being irresponsible and neglectful in its mission to protect detainees in its custody, the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights and the Solidarite Fanm Ayisyèn are demanding an investigation into the Nov. 7 incident inside the Gonaives Civil Prison, and are calling on Haitian authorities to identify and prosecute everyone involved in the alleged rapes.

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