Police, Libraries And Parks Among County Departments To See Cuts In 2015

Jul 9, 2014

Mayor Carlos Gimenez answers questions after his State of the County address in February.
Credit Douglas Hanks / Miami Herald

Fewer police officers, higher public transportation fares and cuts to organizations that provide social services. That's what would happen under Miami-Dade's proposed budget for next year.

Mayor Carlos Gimenez unveiled the plans for the 2015 county budget on Tuesday.

The proposal attempts to close a $64 million budget gap without raising property taxes. To do so, hundreds of jobs will be eliminated across the county government.

The police will receive the biggest cut, with a projected loss of at least 300 jobs. 

Public libraries have also been in the cross-hairs for several months. Under the budget, libraries would remain open but with far fewer full-time librarians.

County parks will also see a reduction in dozens of jobs.

Next week, Miami-Dade County commissioners will set the maximum property tax rate. Then, they will consider the $6.2 billion proposal. It goes to a final vote in September.

The next budget year begins in October.